Flipping Houses: The Most In Demand Home Feature

What will be the most in demand home feature from now through the next three years?
For a variety of reasons, including changing neighborhoods and rising crime rates, there remains a soaring demand for homes that feature increased security measures.

For those flipping houses, measures taken to secure a home may serve as one of the most important aspects in promoting appeal and facilitating the sale of the property. However, the addition of a security home feature may assist those placing their property on the market and real estate agents promoting said property.

It doesn’t matter who you are selling to, or even if you are attempting to lease out rental properties, enhanced security measures can make a big difference in value.

Many real estate investors have shied away from investing in these types of home improvements in the past to keep costs down and profit margins up, but they can no longer be ignored or their importance underestimated.

So whether you are renting out apartments, sprucing up your property for a quick sale, flipping houses full time or even building spec homes; enhancing security features could prove to increase the value of the property in question.

High-end properties may even benefit from the addition of a panic room or disaster shelter.

Of course, lavish home features like these are not always a viable option for the majority of homeowners. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort to provide an increased sense of security. Any home can benefit from today’s new breed of advanced alarm systems that offer high tech remote monitoring. They are great selling features that can simultaneously boost value and provide its occupants the protection they deserve.

Even on a tighter budget; items like reinforced security doors, basic alarm systems, secure windows and flood lights on the exterior can make a big difference.

The installment of a secure home feature can facilitate the sale of property for real estate investors or even increase the appeal for a homeowners association. However, security measures are more than just fancy assets. If a tenant or homeowner has been subjected to theft or injury after requesting a specific home feature, and the renter neglected to provide the security measure, they could potentially sue the owner for damages.

Want to go all out? How about developing your own community with security as one of the main selling features?

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